Who We Are

Caravan Connect is the leading provider of wireless internet connectivity to holiday parks in the UK.

We are a company based in Cambridgeshire (otherwise known as ‘Silicon Fen’) which specialises in providing wireless internet connectivity to the caravan, camping, park home and RV communities.

It is a well-known fact that the further you travel from metropolitan areas the availability of mobile internet connectivity (GPRS and 3G) reduces, even to the extent that not even a standard mobile telephone signal can be obtained.

Using our bespoke hardware and software, and our unique business model we are bringing great value wireless internet connectivity to holiday parks all over the UK, which enables thousands of people to have internet access regardless of how remote their location of choice is.

From business people wanting to work while away to parents with children who want to give them some entertainment for a rainy day, or for those that want to just keep in touch; Caravan Connect is connecting your world.

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