Latest News on Leisure Technology Solutions Limited

Latest News on Leisure Technology Solutions Limited.

We have received a number of calls from parks which had employed the services of Leisure Technology Solutions Limited. Unfortunately on 26th January 2012 Leisure Technology Solutions Limited went into liquidation and are no longer trading.

Caravan Connect is in no way affiliated or related to Leisure Technology Solutions Limited, however, we are able to assist you in advising your best available options.

We Can Help You Restore Wireless Internet Access Free of Charge.

With our unique business model, we can rapidly restore wireless internet access for your guests at your park FREE OF CHARGE. Just think, if you had chosen Caravan Connect in the first place you would not have been out of pocket and not in this situation – we are still here!

  • Free equipment and installation
  • 24 Hour support line for your guests
  • Full marketing and instructional material for your site
  • Caravan Connect – The strongest, most trusted brand in Caravan Park WiFi
  • No cards to sell – Everything is online

Call our New Parks Team on 020 8242 4550 to Find Out More.

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